Monday, February 14, 2011

Service & Maintenance for my S2000 and suggested track modifications

Coming from an older version WRX, the excellent reliability of a normally aspirated Honda S2000 was a real comfort. The only maintenance parts (wear & tear excluding regular servicing parts such as spark plugs) I've needed for the past 3 years of ownership are the following:

1. a new battery - pretty cheap to replace
2. air-con condensor coil - a few hundred solved it
3. a bulb in the air-con display panel - never bothered replacing it
4. an ABS sensor (probably got hit by a rock during tracking) - about a 100 only
5. Pedal Position sensor - under 200

And that's it. None of these even required my car to be placed overnight for repairs.

The stock parts are very reliable and I've never changed my suspension mounts, gearbox mounts, engine mounts or wheel bearings which gives you a clue how suited the S is in entirety for use as a track machine.

For the folks who want to know what might be used to service their cars, here is my list:

1. NGK Iriway spark plugs
2. Motul RBF600 brake fluid
3. For Rear Differential - Moty's 75w/140 rear differential fluid or Motul Gear 300 FF LSD 75w/90 or ATS diff oil 85w/90
4. For Gearbox - Motul Gear 300 or Honda MTF III
5. For engine - Motul 300 V
6. For engine oil filter -  Previously Honda PCX filter (Note: after fitting a Greddy oil cooler, due to the thickness of the sandwich plate, the Honda filter will not sit as securely and have less threads to lock the filter in. It is known that engine vibrations can dislodge even a well torqued oil filter) Now Juran oil filter with deeper thread
7. Brake rotors - Stock (OEM rotors work perfectly and cracking can be mitigated by brake modifications, there is hardly need for a full big brake kit unless you are running huge power)
8. Brake pads - Ferodo DS2500 or Seidoya N1-500
9 Clutch - The stock clutch is both reliable and cost effective, there is no need for single/twin plate clutches

For modifications relating to track use, here are some suggested items you would want to consider for your S2000 to enhance your tracking experience and increase safety.

1. Oil cooler - I am using a Greddy turbo oil cooler core and the additional cooling is a huge bonus on Sepang International Circuit where track temps >50deg C
2. Brake pads - Stock brake pads WILL disintegrate on the track, better pads are essential
3. Brake lines - There is no proof that stock brake lines are unsuitable for track use but for peace of mind, stainless steel brake hoses are cheap insurance
4. Brake Fluid - Good brake fluid is a must as the stock fluid will boil very quickly
5. Brake Ducting - This is a commonly overlooked modification. Here is my article on the benefits for brake ducting for a track day enthusiast.
6. Baffled oil pan - This is a good and affordable modification if you are an avid trackie by reducing the chance of oil starvation in high G situations on the track. I'm currently running a Toda pan.

I hope this is useful to any S2000 owners for maintenance and track related modifications.


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