Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Modifications Update

I'm currently closing in on my goal of just under 300bhp Normally Aspirated (NA) with the addition of two power adding modifications, namely the Password JDM Carbon Fibre Intake and the J's Racing Exhaust Manifold. These additions along with the J's Racing FX 70RS Titanium Dual exhaust will be tuned in 1-2 weeks with a Hondata Flashpro with the goal of getting to 280~290bhp on engine. Here are some iPhone pictures (do forgive the poor quality of the iPhone camera):

So far the feedback I have on the PWJDM intake is that fitment is not easy in the slightest requiring hood cutting as per this pic:

A spacer on the bonnet joint end was also required to ensure proper closing of the bonnet. My oil cooler had to be relocated and my brake ducting also needs to be re-aligned. In the picture below you can see how the funnels have been relocated to relatively ineffective positions.

As per an s2ki.com posting, there seems to be a penchant for this bonnet to suck in alot of debris and I will check this periodically, say every month or two, to validate this claim.

The gains are feeling good from the seat of the pants feeling and people who have driven my car before and after the intake + header modification are noticeably impressed by the increase in low-mid range torque. I can't discern much higher rev range outperformance and a look at a posting on the PWJDM intake by gernby of s2ki.com does hint that the higher end performance may only be fully unearthed by a custom tune which I will be getting done via Hondata Flashpro.

The next modification which is slated to be completed in July-August would be an aerodynamic cum lightening modification. The targeted weight of the current project would be ~1180kgs with a half tank of petrol.

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