Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick note on 2012 hopes

2012 has been a whirlwind of activity so far on the family & work front so I have been unable to devote any time to getting down to any race track events. I still hold hopes for the later part of the year for me to get some way down to working out the setup (and any necessary changes) and most importantly to get precious seat time on the track. To say I may have lost touch with the track is probably putting it lightly but I think with some effort and focus, I should be able to get some progress. My friend and tuner has kindly volunteered to join me for a shakedown session to render any advice or assistance while other good friends have been equally supportive. I'd like to believe that the reason they are so forthcoming is that they discern my genuine desire to grow as a driver. My wife has been very supportive throughout and we jointly agreed to attend to more pressing priorities first before I get back to the track. Life has twists and turns but coping with the changes while not losing sight of your passions is very important, even so as driving is pretty much my sole passion. On a side note, I have decided to cease active involvement with a certain group and reduce interaction to the bare minimum as I realized how untenable relations have become. I have always been open with sharing and helping but if I am to face potential negative impact (even possibly spreading to career impact) then it is simply no longer possible to continue. I had been inspired by the open culture of the scene overseas where I had received advice and help without restraint while being free to give and open to accept criticisms. Trolling, profit scheming and narrow minded bullying manners were quickly chided yet it is regrettable that such positive ways mostly never found their way past off the shores they originated. Perhaps it is simply a culture I do not fit into. Hereon, I'm eagerly awaiting my chance to get into the seat or some proper driving and dearly praying things run smoothly until then so I can at least do one or two competitive events come year end. Wish me luck!

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