Sunday, March 20, 2016

Roaring VTEC's at LTM Performance Dyno day, S2000s galore!

Over the past year, a local group of S2000 owners that I hang around with have grown in numbers and while brainstorming on new ideas for an event together, I came up with the suggestion of a dynamometer test day to test the respective power our machines might make with conditions kept relatively similar. This would be able to allow us to benchmark our power outputs with a constant reference point so we could check back every so often on how much power increase our upcoming modifications might deliver.

Speaking to the good people of Lim Tan Motor / LTM Performance, we came to a special agreed price of only 88 SGD (including GST) for the dyno run which happened to be an auspicious number that tied in nicely with this being the last week of the Lunar New Year celebrations. The run was to be done at their Mustang Dyno which was situated just 2 doors away from their main performance workshop office at Block 9 Sin Ming

Do check out the previous write up done by 9tro on the launch of their dyno facility here:

We had originally intended to get an all S2000 attendance for the dyno runs but as some of our group members were tied up with other commitments, Matthew with his Euro R managed to snag the final available slot for this one time special offer. Still awesome with a full VTEC attendance in my view!

Alvin arrived first bright and early so his sleek matte S2000 wasted no time to putting down the power to the rollers in the cool morning, check out his chart and dyno run below...



Soon enough, the rest of the S2000 family started falling in to take their places in chalking up power runs and we soon had a string of beautiful Hondas filling the air with the aural symphony of VTEC howls, just the thing to start the weekend with! Eugene followed up next with his uber clean stock ride putting down a smooth as silk curve that flowed nicely in torque numbers. Stay tuned for more upgrades cos he's definitely looking forward to improving that curve for more output...


Our comrade in VTEC, Matthew with his fiery red Euro R then joined the fray to get a sense of how much his front wheel drive motor could put out at the wheels. I have no idea how much Matthew managed to garner in his dyno run but considering the lower power loss of the front wheel drive configuration and the fantastic potential of the K20A, I would not be surprised if he had the most powerful readings for the day!


The experienced trio of Alvin and Ah Sao of LTM Performance joined with Andrew of BMS Tuning allowed the runs to be conducted with clockwork efficiency while being able glean some information on how the runs were conducted and the relevant conditions that might contribute to how the readings would experience variation . It also helped point to areas that might need improvement such as torque dips before the VTEC and jagged output readings which definitely would detract from overall performance on the road or race track.



I managed to get my run sorted and you can see the excellent tuning done by my friend Neo to have the power curve rising all the way to the RPM peak even while maintaining the reliability required for multiple hot laps at Sepang Circuit. I'm not too fussed about the absolute output as my car was cold from sitting at LTM for the previous few days and my tyre pressures were immensely under inflated. What I really appreciate is that the torque curve is very flat which is really helps when you want a smooth pull out of corners, try to spot where my VTEC kicks in? :)


Alfred got his clean white ride to put a whopping amount of power down to the ground and the curve shows there is even more on the table to be optimized. This is probably the highest reading S2000 we have for this dyno session so congratulations Alfred!


The speedy work by the trio running the dyno allowed Nicholas to hop into the gap between cars for a quick dyno run before his flight with mere hours to go!


With looks to rival the aggressive fascia of Nicholas' ride, Gabriel brought his J's body kitted ride down for a blast on the rollers, so this is for the J's Racing fan boys here...


With Andrew at the helm and the watchful eye of Ah Sao as the car dismounted the ramp leading up the dyno, the integrity of the bodykit was never at risk.


Yet more J's Racing Goodness was up for eye balling as Zen's Moonrock S2000 with striking red highlights rolled up to post great numbers for what was mostly a fairly straightforward bolt on mod setup.


As you can clearly see, even with the nice numbers garnered, there was still room for tuning improvement to fatten up the torque delivery.


One of my favourite parts of the dyno day is the fellowship that we enjoyed on that day chatting and mingling with one another while trading pointers on our experiences with the S. With the tiny population of car enthusiasts dwindling by the years, I think these are golden opportunities to experience what small automotive community camaraderie we still have.



Alvin squeezed in before some work commitments to get his shot at the dyno and got a decent set of numbers for his lovely custom body kitted ride..


Kelvin was due for his run later in the day as his work schedule didn't allow him to bring forward his dyno session so we proceeded for a couple of group shots which were snapped by a familiar name in the automotive photographer scene, Krado Low. As expected, the quality of the shots were outstanding so check them out below for your dose of S2000 love!
Bringing the day to a close, Kelvin with his clean as a whistle yellow S2000 shared this little collage of his car pics on the dyno combined with his dyno chart which holds plenty of promise considering he has mostly done basic bolt on modifications without a tune.
The most important point is that we thoroughly enjoyed the dyno day session and would like to thank Lim Tan Motor Performance namely Edmund and Alvin for allowing us to be able to have this event run so smoothly and at such a special offer pricing in view of their strong support for the enthusiasts just like you and me. We truly appreciate the bonding we had over this event and look forward to more such events for the local automotive enthusiast community!
Thank you to the following once again for helping make this event possible:
LTM Performance
BMS Tuning
Picture and video credits:
Krado Low
Eugene Cheng
Kelvin Lee

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